The Third Annual Legends of the Fly Tournament

For the first time in its 3-year history, a team of veterans won the 2018 Legends of the Fly fishing tournament.  Steve Tegtmeyer and Robert Misiaszek won with a striped bass, speckled trout, and a bluefish caught on October 13.  You'll understand the significance in a moment.

This tournament is held in southeast Virginia each fall.  It is catch-and-release, fly fishing only. First place honors go to the 2-person team that has the longest total length of a 3-fish slam.  The normal slam consists of a striped bass, red drum, and speckled trout. Bluefish play the wild card, and can fill in if no one catches the first three.  No one caught a red drum this year, so a bluefish made the winning slam for Tegtmeyer and Misiaszek.  Misiaszek caught the bluefish on a top-water fly.  Tegtmeyer caught the striped bass and speck while fishing near restored oyster reefs.  All three fish were caught in the Lafayette River, Norfolk. Additional awards were given for the largest speckled trout and striped bass.  The largest speck went to Charlie Church and Steve Forrester for a fish caught on the peninsula.  The largest striper award was won by Art Greason and Brian Trow for a fish caught in Virginia Beach.       

The Legends of the Fly tournament donated $7595.00 to Project Healing Waters (PHW).  PHW is a charitable organization dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled military personnel and veterans through fly fishing.  PHW program participants have opportunities to fish in this tournament at no cost. That is what made Tegtmeyer's and Misiaszek's win so special. Both are PHW participants.  Another participating PHW vet said, “Thank you from my heart for a wonderful fishing and educational day on the water.” There were 29 teams total in the tournament this year, seven of which consisted of PHW participants.  

Legends of the Fly wants to thank the volunteer “guides” who took PHW participants out fishing.  Most of our “guides” are members of the Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers ( We especially want to thank our many sponsors.  The tournament would not be possible without your generosity.

2018 Results

Slam Winner
Steve Tegtmeyer & Robert Misaszek -

Red Drum Division Winner
None submitted

Speckled Trout Division Winner
Charlie Church & Steve Forrester - 24 Inches

Striped Bass Division Winner
Brian Trow & Art Greason - 22 inches

Total Money Raised